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7th August 2019by Simone0

Your customer is your company’s most prized possession. Without the customer, there is no business. Nowadays with the world at our fingertips, competition in business is much more intense. Due to this, businesses can no longer simply get away with good customer service. Good customer service is now an expectation. To stand out, as a company you must go above and beyond. It’s essential to create a memorable customer experience by positively touching on the customer’s emotions.

At Curious Pencil we want to provide you with our 7 most powerful ways to improve on your customer experience.

1. Give Something Away For Free

Giving something away for free may seem counter intuitive to some. However, to gain a memorable customer experience, it’s essential to touch your customer’s emotions, making them feel valued. Think about the last time you were given a gift you didn’t expect, how did it make you feel? It doesn’t need to be an elaborate gift, but to give something meaningful away is one of the best ways to convert your customers into fans. Studies have proven how giving something away for free, has a direct link to increasing the customer’s spending habits and loyalty, they even become more forgiving.

2. Listen And Learn From Each Customer Review You Receive.

Bill Gates once said, “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning”. That’s why your customers’ feedback is invaluable, but so many organisations under utilise this vital information. Listen to what your customers say, don’t just hear what you want to hear, but really listen to what you need to learn.

It is also important to thank and acknowledge any feedback you get. Remember your customer has taken time out of their day to give valuable feedback, so be responsive and sympathetic. Always see how you can resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Give them a direct point of contact and see if there are any trends you can learn from at a wider scale.

3. Talk and Train

customer experienceIf you have a company made up of several different employees or departments, it is important that your customer experience is consistent. Keep customer experience on the agenda; think about weekly or daily ways to engage your employees in conversation about customer experience. Talk with them about strategies, ways to wow your customers and keep them loyal. It is also important to listen to your employees. Not only those who speak directly with customers, but those in all departments.

Different cogs may have different roles, but all have an impact on the customer’s experience in some way. No matter how perfectly shaped, and well-oiled one cog may be, without the others working alongside it, it can become damaged and nothing is able to move forward. This is why every employee should be on the same page when it comes to customer experience. By training your employees regularly assures there is consistency.

4. Fix The Problem Beforehand

Listen and be attentive to underlying issues in your business and ways to improve. If there is a specific problem area, do not linger and create a 10-month plan on how to rectify the problem. Treat it as urgent, and be as efficient as possible to get the job done. This is because on-going issues can have huge negative reputational impact on your company, causing a downward spiral and a loss of many potential customers. If it is an issue that takes a long time to resolve, be open and transparent with your customers, keeping them informed while you provide a temporary solution, while keeping it a top priority to rectify.

5. Keep Your Promises

Happy customer business hand shake after great customer experienceI’m sure you have heard of the saying, “Don’t over promise and under deliver; under promise and over deliver!” It’s simple, but really important rule to adopt, if you say you are going to do something, just do it. If you cannot do it in the expected window, keep the customer informed as much as possible, even a polite courtesy message to let them know you haven’t forgotten them.

Customers don’t really care how busy you are, they just want you to attend to their needs. They pay attention to details. So, if you say you are going to call at 3pm, call them at 3pm. You do not know the customer’s schedule and if you are late or early it can cause unnecessary frustration. Do everything with excellence, be attentive and do it well. This will reflects how efficient you are and how your customers can trust you.

6. Don't Fight Fire With Fire

If you find that a customer is extremely angry, always try to be objective and understanding, responding in a calm manner, and apologise where necessary to defuse the situation. It will never help the situation to raise your voice or have a rude tone to the customer. You fight fire with water, if you fight fire with fire, it will only create more fire, but water will cool the situation. It’s highly likely the customer will come back with clear mind and you can speak with the customer appropriately and resolve the issue. It is common that customers these customers still leave positive reviews once the situation is resolved in the best manner.

7. Be Memorable

Related imageIn a world that is saturated with new innovative businesses, it is now not just about what you offer, but how you offer it. Think of new ways to show your customers you care and that each customer is more than a transaction, or a part of the automated process. Go beyond normal “business” parameters and add a human personal touch. That’s why we love what we do! We have seen first hand the impact a simple greeting card has on impacting on emotions, whether it’s “Thank you for using our services”, “Enjoy your new car”, “Welcome to your new home”. No matter how technical the world becomes, remember people simple do business with people. Don’t over complicate it. If you would like a free quote and consultation regarding greeting cards for your business, Click Here.

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